Valley Of The Damned
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Released February 2002

Valley Of The Damned features some of the tallest scenery ever created for a myth title. The valley is very deep, and there are two sets of high bridges that span the entire level, only stopping to meet large plateaus in the middle. There are plenty of trees, a river featuring a waterfall, a stream, and it's surrounded by sets of tall well-rendered cliffs. There is a small central hill where multiplier flags, and balls are placed. The map design favors the defensive player, because of the height of it, with many vantage points, however there is always more than one way to attack a position, and usually at least one of those ways is on the flat.


Valley Of The Damned (2 Team)
This Mesh is designed not for 2 players, but for two teams of players, as the armies are massive. It is possible to have up to 100 Archers, and 100 Warriors on the map at the same time. There are also a possible 12 trow, and loads of other units. The target for two player assassins on this level is none other than Sykrosh the spider god from single player levels.

Valley Of The Damned (4 Team)
The idea is the same as with 2 players, except the armies are much smaller, and the teams start in each of the four corners. This mesh should result in some long battles, as tactics play a key part in capturing the flags, which are fairly easily guarded.

Valley Of The Damned (8 Team)
This level is designed for 8 separate players, who all start in good positions, but to win the level must move from them. The problem is that with 8 teams, the chances are you will run into another team where-ever you go. In this mesh there is no-where to hide, and some of the flags are in more exposed areas of the map, which will mean some desperate gaming.

Valley Of The Insane
Ever wanted to control an army of Connachts? Well this is the map for you, the unit selections are crazy, with 9 staring positions, and a whole bunch of specialist units this mesh will see utter mayhem. The Mesh features "King Of The Ball". There are Iron Trows, Trow Priests, Mykridia, Dwarf Heroes, the spider God, and far too many Warlocks. Couple this with the fact that it is possible to have 45 Trow on this map and you've got..... INSANITY!

Thanks To:
Phish for his great guide, and advice.

All the people who helped by downloading the test version
(Ksiaze, Savage Wolf, Dok, Slayer + Others)

Hpaco and the Dawg pound for the "king Of The Ball" ball

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