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03/02/03 - Rhi'anon Beta download

OK here's the link for the map aswell:

Rhi'anon Revisited (Beta)

03/02/03 - Hotline download

I've discovered I actually have some space! I've uploaded the hotline client so it is easy to find. I will upload my new map shortly.

Hotline Client for PC

29/01/03 - Finally (God-Dammit)
I've finally got my PC back together, nice shiny hard drives, and a functioning modem. I'll be back at uni this time tomorrow, where I'll download the rest of my site, and think about updating, and testing, and mapmaking etc...

25/01/03 - Rhi'anon Revisited Beta
Having had the chance to get some work done on this map, I have been able to get it into a playable form. However having lost most of the keys to my previous upload accounts, I am only going to upload to the mythdev hotline server. To go there you will have to download and run a copy of hotline.

I have also updateed the images section of Rhi'anon Revisited.
When I am done testing there will be a full release on The Mill, and I will also include some other variants of the map, yet to be announced.

24/01/03 - Back On Track
Luckily I had uploaded a version to the mythdev hotline server, which I was able to download again, and start from. If it was not for that I probably would've given up on the map. However, I have been working on it over the past couple of days, and have now gone past the point that I was at when I lost it before (if that makes sense).
Anyway, I may be able to get an alpha version testing sometime soon, it's nearly ready, but considering what has happened, I cannot upload properly, and might just skip to beta, and alpha over my LAN.

I will update the images etc in a couple of days.

21/01/03 - Delay
My hard disk failed last night, I have not been able to get it to work again. Chances are I will never be able to get it to work agian. This means that I have lost most of the files relating to map making. I will try and restore most of them. I think I have some old backups. Anyhow, this is a huge setback, and it may be as much as a week before I am in a position to start thinking about re-making what I have lost of Rhi'anon Revisited.

21/01/03 - Another Days Work...
There has been great progress on the map Rhi'anon Revisited, I have added a lot to the level, and am preparing it to be in a runnable format. All I really have to do is add scenery and units. I also want to design some big boulders that are destroyable.

As you can see from the two overheads, I have added broken walls, trow temples, paths, and rock walls around the edge of the map. I will add more detail to the map tomorrow.
I have changed a couple of the images aswell.

20/01/03 - Rhi'anon Revisited
I have begun work on a new map, it's called Rhi'anon Revisited, and the details are on the new page.
I've also added khromes guide on how to create units using 3D Studio Max, to the tutorials section. This should be useful to anyone wanting to try their hand at unit editing.

expect frequent updates on the progress of this map, as I hope to get it mostly done by the end of the week.

18/01/03 - I am BACK
I am gonna do some more work over the next couple of weeks, haven't quite decided what yet

expect updates soon....
watch this space!!

19/11/02 - wtf is going on?
this is a question I often ask myself, but hopefully sometime there will be a new server, and a new patch, and peace on earth

well maybe not but there we go...

21/10/02 - Children Of Nyx
Pum has started a web page, It's not much at the moment, but then he is just learning how to assemble it.

go there if you want to find out about any stuff going on with him.

07/10/02 - Aegis + Bloody Mud = ?
The Myth mapmaking orders of Aegis [founded by Khrome] and bloody mud [founded by aqaraza] have announced that they are merging into one order.

bloody mud is known for its openness, camaraderie, and spirit of anti-elitism. bloody mud is a workspace where ideas can be tried and developed by anyone wanting to collaborate, no matter their experience level, other committments/orders, or skill-sets. bloody mud will continue to be the gleeful Myth sandbox for 'the rest of us'.

Aegis has become the home of the much-anticipated WWIIi project, will help hone the ambitious Myth: Massive project, and will continue to be known for excellence and the completion of quality projects by committed mapmakers. Aegis is becoming the inner 'honor guard' of bloody mud, and membership to the inner Aegis core will require the member to have helped with at least one completed, 'shipping' Myth project.

So, mapmakers or players who are interested in honing their skills at either art are encouraged to participate in bloody mud however they wish to; and when they have helped to complete a project, for themselves or with others, they will be invited to join bloody mud's Aegis core, to help guide and shape the future projects of bloody mud and Aegis. While bloody mud has an open-ended forum at..:
... the Aegis core of mapmakers will continue to be privately coordinated by Khrome.

For more information on bloody mud, see
[or email]

For more information on Aegis, see

30/09/02 - Back At Last
I must apologise for the disgusting lack of updates that has gone on here, it's really hard to find the time to get anything done at the moment. It might be a while before I am able to get far enough ahead to get Siege finished.

I have managed to get my connection working though, and I am able to get stuff a lot faster now, so that increases the ability to look at other work, and give advice. I should be able to get on with it in a couple of weeks hopefully.

18/09/02 - A Whole New Life
I'm packing away my computer tomorrow, so this is the last time I will be on the internet from home. Hopefully I will be able to get onto the internet a couple of days after arriving, but I'm not sure. It may be up to a week that I can't because it's only Freshers week :).

Hopefully I'll be able to get on with Siege again then. I here WW2 is beta-ing very soon.

14/09/02 - Big Ideas
There is a lot of stuff finally going on at the moment. There is a beta test version of the 1.1 patch for Myth3. It is on Iggy's hotline server, and deals with various gameplay issues. Although there are no huge changes, it is the progress that has been waited for.

You can get the hotline client from here
and then when you've installed it, goto

There is also a new site that is being used to front the new patch, and should answer any questions and give up-to-date info on what is currently happening. it is

As well as that, there is work being done on a new patch for the classic map-packs, to fix some bugs, and WW2 for myth3 is almost ready to go into Beta.

11/09/02 - Siege Beta
I've put together the new version of Siege, now in Beta form. I think that it all works fine now, but I will be interested to hear any comments and suggestions as I am not sure exactly what to add to the final map. As well as changing the colourmap, I have also added the game territories and fixed the wall bug.

you can get the beta HERE

10/09/02 - Issues
I'm gonna try and get Siege moving soon, but I've had some issues. I should update here more often, but there hasn't been to much to report.

However the new patch is on the move, I've managed to get hold of a copy, and there are quite a few fixes already. It's great to see that the Playmyth team are getting it done now. It should not be too long before the new server is in place.

03/09/02 - I have returned
I've come back from my holiday, I may start to get back to mapmaking soon, but I've got a whole bunch of paperwork to sift through, and other things to sort out about going to university in a couple of weeks.

I dunno if anything major has happened scince I was away, it doesn't appear so from a quick look around.

expect more updates soon

17/08/02 - Woot!
I passed my exams, and have got good enough grades to get into Bath University! That is where I will be studying for the next 4 years (Computer Science). And now I'm going back on holiday... see you in 2 weeks

11/08/02 - The Mill Is Back!!!!!!
The Mill has finally returned. They have joined forces with the hosts of mythmaps to remake the site. It is still at it's original address, and all the old files and logins are still there.

This is a great day for myth lovers old and new, as the service has a much greater range, and history than mythmaps. Though they are both good.

07/08/02 - News n stuff
Good things are happening in terms of the new m3 server, apparently the playmyth team are finally getting down to it, now they have the final build of myth3. Also there are new maps ported by Malek and Clem, as well as something original by TED at mythmaps.

I am going on holiday for 3 weeks from monday, although I will most likely be able to get on a few times. I will not get siege finished before then, unfortunatly my progress has been rather slow the last week or so :(. But I should be able to finish it after I get back.

There are also a lot of other planned projects on the way in anticipation of the new server.

30/07/02 - Beta Map work
I am currently working on the beta version of "Siege At First Light". There is quite a lot that I want to do to it, the colourmap is still looking pretty sad, and there are some serious glitches with the walls that need to be fixed. I also hope to add some more code to add some more features, and add new game modes, as well as expanding the map to have different variants!

basically it could take a while (especially as I go on holiday for 3 weeks in a couple)

26/07/02 - Oh and BTW
You can now get the test alpha version of the map


26/07/02 - New Map(s)!!
I have now added pages for two different maps that I am currently working on, the first is the map which I am working on with Savage Wolf (Superbowl), and the other is the one which I have been working on for the past week, and is called "Siege At First Light". All the details are in the relevant pages.

19/07/02 - I have returned
I'm back, and work on my new map will start soon, but I'm keeping the details to myself untill there is something in the works...

12/07/02 - Away For A Week
I'm going away for a week and will not have access to a computer, however, I have though of a new map idea, and will be starting to make it after I come back. Obviously the map will have a bunch of stuff that has not been done before, and it will be as 'different' (in terms of game play) as possible.

you will just have to wait till then to find out what it is... :)

06/07/02 - General Unrest
It seems there is a small period of unrest between the different people in the community at the moment. I dunno why, maybe it's just frustration getting the better of some, most people are still wating for the new server, new progress is always exciting, but you have to give the playmyth team some time. Remember they are doing this out of their own free will!

Aegis is taking shape, it should be a great site once finished, and provide a good resource for all myth 3 creationists. I have decided to keep this site alive as much as possible, even though I could merge it with Aegis. It will stay as an entirely seperate entity, at least for the time being.

Great things will happen soon, it's just an irritating wait, but they will happen.

02/07/02 - NEW M3 MAPMAKING SITE!!!
A new mapmaking site that is being hosted by khrome, and done very professionaly, has just been launched in alpha stage. This site is going to be a place where Myth 3 mapmakers can meet to plan projects and share ideas. It will also be a way of finding out what is happening in the mapmaking community as well as having other features when it is finished.

Aegis Mapmaking

Khrome and I are currently the only members of the mapmaking group, but other people will be allowed to post, with a view to allowing more full members in the future.

02/07/02 - myth 3 continued progress....
although there is an apparent pause in myth 3 developement, this is only on the surface. Thare are still many projects that are progressing, and this will increase with the eventual release of the long awaited new server, and of Mac Vengeance.

Khrome is working on ww2, and GW still

Iggy is working on a new MOD, which hopefully will be finished soon!

Malek has started a new project, as well as helping out on others

Savage Wolf/Me, still working on our mesh (which I will post a page on when I get it back

Olorin and Corbeau are also working on maps.

All that as well as the playmyth team working on the new server / Mac Vengeance! who ever said that myth 3 developement is dead, I think it's gonna be a pretty good summer!

28/06/02 - WOOOT NO MORE EXAMS!!!!
finally finished that pesky school thing

will now resume more regular updates, I think things will really start to happen soon for m3, the new server should be coming shortly, and there are also some mods that are on the horizon, and ww2, as well as some other multi maps, and Malek is working on something as-well. These things could all end up being released at similar times, which would be amazing!

22/06/02 - phew exams almost over
only got 1 more exam, that is on thursday.

the map I am making with savage wolf is now actually getting some work done on it, Malek is doing some scripting for it, and it's now developing OK.

more updates to follow, and I'll give it a page in good time....

13/06/02 - TLF server
Latest news is that playmth are now working on a TFL server that will be integreated with the current myth 2 server. This is because they are still trying to make server that is Myth 3 compatible, and have reached a point where they need to get hold of the Myth 2 source, to see exactly how the current server works, and get a better idea on how to get a myth 3 one to function.

they have not given up, but they are waiting for the time being apparently. And their main aim is still to produce a new MWA server.

btw if you haven't already seen the best image of the world cup, you can see it here

10/06/02 - New Tools?
Not much happening at the moment, Khrome has created a program that extracts the textures from texture stacks, and sends them to .jpg files. you can get the mac version here. The PC version is to follow, but will take longer to perfect, his aim is to create a tag extractor for Myth 3, but that may take some time.

I've looked at the script for this, and played around with it, it won't extract the background images that many people wanted to get at yet, but it may be possible in the future.

It is probable that a cross platform film organiser for all 3 Myth titles will be coming out sometime as well.

07/06/02 - General News
New M3 Server: The new M3 server was due to be operational by the end of this month, but due to some myth 2 server trouble, it is likely to have been delayed slightly. Initialy this server will be unranked, but the ranking system will be introduded at some stage.

WW2: WW2 is definately coming to Myth 3. Hopfully it will be finished by the time the new server arrives.

This Site: I am going to try and update as often as possible, and keep you informed. I have finished mirroring all the tutorials in that section, and am going to mirror a few more. I have added links for mac tools and for other tutorials that I will be adding shortly, to the relevant sections.

I've added a message board, feel free to use it.

06/06/02 - Dead Man's Rift Final
I've now released the final version of Dead Man's Rift (unless I find any major bugs). For more info see the Rift Page. You can download the map from here

I dunno what I will be working on next.

03/06/02 - Dead Man's Rift Beta
I've released the beta of Dead Man's Rift, I have added 2 more meshes to the beta, a light variant, and a Champions version. The light is the same as the dark, and champions has four different armies, one dark, one light, one myrkridian and one spider.

Download here

There may be some bugs in the beta, but hopefully I can get them out with the testing. The gameplay should also be better as I have added all the modes into it, including stampede and hunting.

02/06/02 - Welcome To The New Age
Yes indeed, this site has all new looks, and all new address, and hopfully the all new maps that I produce will be of an increasingly high standard.

I would like to thank all those who have helped in any way with my maps, and all those who have downloaded them, for their support.

02/06/02 - Web Site Face Lift
As you can observe I have completely changed the look of this site, and given it a new name, however I will prolly keep the same url for now. At least for a while, but I might change to

Whatever it looks like, this site still has, and will have the same content.

Oh and btw Tharsis is that mountain in the middle of the cloudspine, that the trow used as thier huge forge for making iron.

01/06/02 - DMR alpha2 released
I've finished the Alpha2, I've added all kinds of things, most of the time was taken up by working out what was the best was to do a world knot effect. I couldn't get it to work like m2, the m3 engine is slighly different, but it's better than nothing.

I hope to beta in 2 or 3 days, that will include a few more meshes.

29/05/02 - Tutorials Updated
I've done some work on the tutorials section, some of the links were broken, I've now sorted them, and mirrored a few more tutorials (I have now mirrored Ares Scripting, and Soma's Textures). I've also uploaded TED's new tutorial, it is all about how to use max to make models to import as scenery objects in myth3.

You can get it Here

but beware if you're on a slow connection, because there are wto pages full of pictures, each page is about 1MB in total, so it may take some time.

29/05/02 - Links Updated
I've updated the links, and added a few, and removed the mill, as it seems to have gone off line.
Most notably there is a new site called the package, which is set up purely to host WW2 maps. This is a rather large archive of all the maps that are used to play ww2, it is surprising how many there actually are! It will now be far easier to find any particular map, and with the mill being offline, this may turn out to be invaluble.

27/05/02 - Here's the link
It seems that a lot of people have not been able to find my alpha version, so I have decided to put a link here as well:

I'm having a couple of days rest from myth as I have an exam on thursday, but I hope to get either an alpha2 or a beta version done for the weekend. Slightly less upbeat as the unit selection I put in the alpha is not good, and the gameplay was very affected by this. However it should improve greatly for the next release.
I'm working on world knot effects, and I will tweak the mesh to get the cliffs better, I will change the unit selection, and also I'm gonna remove the camera control whenever anyone knots.

25/05/02 - Dead Man's Rift Announcement
I am now announcing the next of my creations, it's called "Dead Man's Rift" and I am really positive about how it is progressing. All the details are in the Rift section.

Malek has allowed me to add his new tutorial to the tutorials section.

23/05/02 - Malek releases a Myth 3 SOLO!
Malek has released the first myth 3 solo mission, it's called Taliesin Downs 2 and you can get it from mythmaps.

He has also written a map making tutorial to help all poeple who are intersted in making maps, you can get it from here.

22/05/02 - Final version of Aftermath
I have finished the final version of Aftermath Of Mazzarin, and have added a 16 team elite forces mesh as well as the other two. You can download the full version from mythmaps and replace the beta version with this file (if you had the beta that is).

Stand by for news on my next creation....

21/05/02 - VOTD new version
I have created a new version of Valley Of The Damned, this version will not have the annoying flickerin screen, and will also run better on the insane map. Get the new version from mythmaps and replace the old version with it.

I am also working on a different map, which I may well announce the details of shortly, just after I have finalised Aftermath Of Mazzarin.

18/05/02 - Even Newer Map!
I've knocked up a multiplayer version of the single player map "Mazzarin's Crypt". You can download the beta version from mythmaps .

18/05/02 - New Map!
There is a beta version of a map called badlands that Lee Ghol eyes has ported. You can get it from Mythmaps.

There's also a really cool mod that is going to be unveiled very shortly!

I should update more often...

07/05/02 - Ominous Silence
Now that there are those two new maps out there it seems that there is a lot less activity in the myth mapmaking community. The mythwa forum is strangly quite, and there generally seems to be a lot less action. I hope this is because (like me) other people are also in the exam period, but this can't be true for everyone!

I will continue mapmaking, but hopefully there will be others that will do the same, LSB has finally been displaced from the top of the mythmaps latest downloads, and so have the SB and TFL packs. Hopefully more maps will be in developement soon to take their place.

03/05/02 - Sorry but...
I have not been updating this site as often as I would have liked, and I do not intend to, nor do I intend to do any more myth map making untill the end of june. I have big exams, sorry. I'm still open for any questions though.

Myth 3 online still seems to have remained popular even though the new m2 server is out. Latest word is the new m3 server should be going online near the end of june also.

Tale Of Two Cities is just about to go final, a map which I slightly helped with by telling Aginor how to do a whole bunch of stuff. go Mythmaps to get it.

Venice has also got a newer version, with bug fixes etc...

26/04/02 - New Myth2 Server Opens
The new myth2 server created by mythwa/mythmaps finally opened last night. The site was opened, and people crowded in to try and get those low user ids. So much so infact, that the server overloaded instantly, and they had to update it to accept the traffic. Then it wouldn't send back e-mail confirmations, but that bug was fixed also, and it's working fine now.
They've made 3 different interfaces to chose from, which sounds cool, and the ranking system is working fine also. Still a little server trouble, but it's proving popular, even though it was clogged for the first few hours, a couple of hundred people managed to get accounts!
I managed to get id 39, which is pretty good considering numbers up to 30 are taken up by admin.
Now I have to download some myth2 maps etc to actually be able to play it!

go here to find out more.

20/04/02 - More Maps On Their way...
There are now a few maps that are in developement and will be coming to m3 shortly:

"Venice" has been ported by Lee Ghol eyes Get the beta from mythmaps

"A Tale Of Two Cites" is being developed by AginortTh, should beta soon

I am working on a smaller project with Savage Wolf, dunno how long that will take (not nearly finished yet though).

There are a couple of mods that are also being worked on - Urban Combat [alpha9] by khrome is one of them, the other will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Malek is almost finished with his solo level, and the beta is available from the renaissance hotline site. Go Here for more info.

I am sure that there are other maps that are also being created that I am not aware of. Infact there are probably some which I am aware of but which I have forgotten about for the time being :). Well anyway, the point is that there are quite a few maps being developed at the moment, and there are new ones started all the time. It seems more and more people are being inspired to make maps, which can only be a good thing. Anyone with problems or questions about mapmaking look in the tutorials section, or/and E-mail me.

Good Job Guys

15/04/02 - Bug in LSP?
Last night I played a game of LSP with 8 players. The game crashed before it loaded. I think this could be because the unit count goes too high when there are 8 teams. Seeing as we then played a seven player game, It can't be by much.
To fix the problem, play lsp in weak difficulty, which will mean less units, so it should run with 8 teams.

If anyone else knows any more info please contact me

15/04/02 - Where Now?
What am I gonna do now? Well to tell you the truth I am unsure, I have a couple of ideas in mind, one of which I have looked into. But I have exams soon, and it is important that I pass. This means that I will either stay clear of big projects, or do them slowly for the next few months. Don't expect anything big untill the end of June/beggining of July.
I am open for map questions, and will give help where I can if anyone asks.

Thanks fo the support with LSB, the response has been good, and I will try to continue producing maps, hopefully getting better as I get more experienced.

11/04/02 - Site Updated
Didn't really have time to do any site updates last night when I released LSB. But now I have found the time and I have posted the map properly. I have re-done the picture section to show a few developement shots, and mainly some ingame shots. Thanks to everyone who downloads/downloaded the map.

I have also added a "News Archive" section, which will probably never be looked at, but it makes me feel better to have one.

11/04/02 - LSB FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!
go here

08/04/02 - LSB Meshes Decided
I've decided what meshes I am gonna make out of LSB, more details are on the brawl page, I've also added some screen shots of "Raid", which looks cool.

05/04/02 - LSB Developement Update
I've managed to get stampede working, so i should be able to get that game mode into the final version. I want to create A myrkridian map called "Llancarfan Street Raid", which will have a myrk giant. That will be 4 team, but I also intend to to at least 1 mesh that is 8 team, and if that version is not, then I may also create an elite mesh as well.

03/04/02 - LSB Finally Betas
I've finished the beta, so check out the Brawl section...

01/04/02 - LSB is on the move
My new map Llancarfan Street Brawl is being readied, today I added all of the houses, and began adding snow to the map, I have added new screens so you can see what it looks like now. I predict the Beta version will be ready by the end of the week.

I have also updated the tutorials section with a whole host of links given to me by khrome.

31/03/02 - Queen Mum dies
In un-myth related news, the Queen-Mum died yesterday evening, tis a sad day for Britain.

I've uploaded the chest screens

30/03/02 - Myth: TFL Soundtrack finished
I have now finished uploading the Myth Soundtrack, if I can get hold of the missing Myth 2 MP3s, then I will upload that soundtrack also. It is now fairly obvious which MP3s I am missing, and I would like it if People donated the missing tracks.

30/03/02 - R.I.P. "The Mill"
The Mill is dead, long live
Most of the mill's files will be put on Mythmaps, and the mill will cease to be

I have added a FAQs / tutorials section

I have added 5 more Myth MP3s

29/03/02 - Myth MP3s Now Up!
I have now uploaded the first half of the Myth MP3s (Tracks 1 to 9) when you download them, you will have to change the file extension to .MP3, rather than .tag

28/03/02 - OMG
The last server I tried had a 15Mb daily bandwith, so it went off line very fast! This may also only be a temporary home, untill I can find a better server. Once I figure it out...

27/03/02 - BLOODY SERVERS!!!!
I was just happily uploading my site to spacetowns, when it refused to upload one of my screenshots because it was more than 150K!!! This angers me, and seeing has I have now put this site on many different servers, and had similar problems, it angers me more GRRR!

27/03/02 - Slight Snag
Although I have most of the MP3s and tools, I'm trying to find some free web space to host them in. Any ideas? I will keep looking, and will upload when I find a decent space.

26/03/02 - Pezzah's Myth Space begins
Yes indeed, I have created this site to help other map makers, and to display my finished and forthcoming projects. It is not very well done, and I think the colour scheme is pretty bad, but hopefully it will be functional.

26/03/02 - Quality Quote From MythWA Forums
"well now with the map valley of the damned made by that champion Pezzah we have a map that just abour rivals if not beats fracture in fun. we need more moders like him, I just wish I had the talent and ability this guy has" - jigga (Mythwa forums)

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