Dead Man's Rift
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Released June 2002

This map is set in a desert indside Trow territory, it is designed for 4 teams, and has each team starting in a corner, surrounded by large trow walls. In the centre of the map there is a large rift, which is full of water, so that only the undead, and Trow can get across it. The central flag is located on a island in the middle of the water, and the only way for a lot of units to reach it is to go through one of the two world knots, located at the top and bottom of the map. Once units go through, however, they may not be able to get back from the centre of the map. Units will also be teleported to the opposite side of the island from the knot they entered, which will mean that they can be fired upon from the cliffs by opposing teams.

There are a few different tactics that can be employed on this map, one is to send al your units through the world knot, and another is to get all undead units, and hide them in the water surrounding the central island. However with two teams fighting for control over the knots, and over the entrances to the water, it will be difficult to find a way that will work every time. On all the meshes the assasin target is Emporer Leitrim, and the stampede/hunting targets are ducks, that can float over the water.

Dead Man's Rift
This is the dark variant, the teams start with souless, Trow, Forgotten, Ohgre, Thrall, Wights, Warlocks and Dwarven Heros. The Souless can float over the cliffs, and shoot at enemies that approach the center. The units are much better balanced than on the test versions, with the player being able to choose many options without risk of making no contest.

Dead Man's Rift (light)
As the name suggests this is a light version, and the teams get Archers, Warriors, Stygs, Beserks and Heron Gaurds. On legendary mode teams can also get an Avatara who has 3 Dream spells capable of wiping out an entire army. I have included the fire patch to this map, so archer's fire arrows are very effective.

Dead Man's Rift (2 Team)
This is the 2 team version, and teams start top and bottom of the map, each with control of one of the knots. The units are the same as Dead Man's Rift, and tactics are slightly different, as players must decide when to send units to the middle, instead of trying to take the opportunity when they have control of the knot.

Champions Rift
This is a 4 team mesh, and instead of all the teams starting with the same units, on this mesh, each team starts with a completely different army. Armies of light, dark, Myrkridia, and the spider cult, all battle it out. The similarities between the armies are: All teams have wights, and either souless or archers, and either thrall or stygs. Apart from that all the units are different, which makes tactics very hard to apply each time.

Giants Rift
Also 4 teams, but this time all the teams start with a choice of different giants. There are also Heron Guards to choose from, up to an army of 20, but all the other units are giants. Trow, Iron Trow, Trow Priests, Spider Gods, Mykridian Giants and avatara all feature in the map.

Thanks to all the people who helped with the beta/alpha testing, and thanks to those who suggested ideas for the meshes (Aginor + Others).
Thanks to Hpaco and the Dawg Pound for the Myrkridian Giant

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