Siege At First Light
Overhead Map

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Currently being prepared for release

The idea of this map is that one team will start controlling the central fort, with a set of light units, and the other will start controlling dark units that surround the fort.

the light team will have the advantage of owning the fort, and having higher ground to attack from, but the dark team will have more units, and will have to try to attack the fort by blowing holes in the walls with wights.

there will also be variants where 4 teams all start outside the fort, and have to try and control it.

this map is far from finished, and needs more work on all areas, you can see the initial sketch on the images page, aswell as a few other early pics.

I have now finished the Beta version which includes the territories game and a few other changes which should make the game play better. I have a few ideas on what to do in the final release, but may need to create a Beta2 if they go too far. I look forward to hearing comments.

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