Rhi'anon Revisited
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Released April 2003

This map is designed around the trow city of Rhi'anon, the map is a desert map, which is dominated by trow walls. some of the walls have fallen down, and the smaller units are able to climb them to get an advantage. In the centre of the map the flag is surrounded by rocks that have to be destroyed in order to reach the middle. The map is fairly open with plenty of space to battle, however battles will always be dictated by the large walls, and battling for the Trow temples may get congested. All the gameplay modes are covered apart from hunting, and stampede is only available on the 2 team meshes.

Rhi'anon Revisited
This is the standard version with 4 starting positions in the corners of the city, The players start with warriors, archers, dwares and heron gaurd, and on legendary can get a trow. The assassin target is a warlock.

Rhi'anon Revisited (Dark)
This map has 4 starting positions, and has mainly trow units with oghres. Players can get Trow, Warlocks, and Oghre on normal difficulty. On Legendary it is also possible to have an Iron Trow, and a trow priest. The assassin target is a ghol priest.

Rhi'anon Revisited (2 Team)
This map has a similar selection of units as the original, but in greater quantitys. Teams start outside the walls of the city, and can have up to 30 warriors and 20 archers. It is possible to play Stampede on this map, there are 5 warlock targets for assassin.

Rhi'anon Revisited [Dark on Light]
This map has 2 teams, which start opposite each other, one with light units and one with dark units. Dark team can get a trow, with souless, ghols, thrall etc, and light cannot have a trow, but have beserks, with the other original units. Both teams have the same number of points although the units are all different apart from the warlock assassin targets. It is also possible to play stampede on this map.

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