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05/12/05 - Clean Out

given the site a clean out, got rid of a lot of the old posts from the board

also updated my email, so I might actually get some again!

21/01/05 - Maps Back Online

have uploaded my maps again, to a new server, so you can now get;

Valley Of The Damned
Dead Man's Chest
Llancarfan Street Brawl
Aftermath Of Mazzarin
Dead Man's Rift
Siege At First Light (beta)
Rhi'anon Revisited

20/01/05 - Myth 3 Revival?!

This site has been dormant for over a year!
I'm fairly surprised it hasn't slipped off into the abyss yet

But anyway, a few people have started playing Myth 3 again, to the extent that I was emailed to ask if I would allow my maps to be in a mappack!
good stuff Von Paulus!

might renovate this site, at very least transfer my downloads to my new host (no mp3s though).

26/10/03 - Myth2 MP3s Go Down

heh, haven't updated for a bit...

With the start of a new term some of the myth2 MP3s have become unavailable. Might find some more space to put them up sometime.

29/06/03 - More Myth2 MP3s

I have put up a few more myth 2 mp3s, I am still looking for a bit more space to put the final ones though.

hopefully I will be able to find the space soon, if anyone has any sugestions, then email me!!

14/06/03 - A Myth 3 Summer?

Although the Myth 3 night last night at playmth was largely unsuccessful, there are other reasons to be hopeful. The main reason for less people is likely to be the fact that MWC is in full flow, and a lot of people are playing M2 at the moment. On the bright side, there is a Myth 3 tournament heading our way after MWC is over. Apparently there are going to be prizes up for grabs, so people will be getting practice in. Version 1.2 of Myth 3 has been announced, and will be developed over the coming weeks, and improvements look to include: - Drawing on the over head map.
- Unit placement arrow drawn on ground when clicking on destination.
- Support for more monitor resolutions and also fixed wide-screen support. There are many possibilities for revival over the summer. Myth 3 still lives!!!

06/06/03 - Myth2 MP3s

I have put up the first 12 of the Myth2 MP3s, hopefully I will be able to get the others up soon.

I am going home tomorrow, so will not have broadband anymore. I hope to get them up before I leave.

05/06/03 - Stuff

I have now finished my exams, which means I have pretty much the whole summer in which I will most likely do more maps. I will be releasing Siege At First Light at some stage!

Also I am in the process of getting the final Myth2 MP3s, and will be attempting to find some webspace to store them when I have the set.

17/04/03 - Rhi'anon Revisited Finished

I have now finished Rhi'anon Revisited, and am in the process of getting it uploaded.
I will be finishing off Siege At First Light to be released shortly.

you can get Rhi'anon Revisited here!

15/04/03 - Myth3 Server Here!

The new Myth3 server has finally been launced. The version1.1 patch has been released, and using that patch it is possible to log into the playmyth server. Which actually works! (as oppossed to gamespy).
Futher more the patch includes over 40 improvements to the game, to make it work something like it should've done in the first place.

I am also working on my maps, and hope to get the finished in the not to distant future.

28/03/03 - New Work soon

Been away a while again, but I'm gonna finish off both Rhi'anon revisited, and Siege at first light over Easter.

I might even release them jointly.

Good progress on the myth3 patches btw, hopefully it will not be too long before the final version is released, and this game finally gets a fair shot!

26/03/03 - Happy Birthday THIS!

indeed, this site (or the former incarnation), has now been around for 365 days!

the next 365 may be interesting... or not... :-P

04/02/03 - Rhi'anon Beta 2

I've made a second beta version to test some more issues. One in particular is in the new variant I have created called "Rhi'anon Repossessed" where the teams start with ohgres, and a trow priest. I want to see if the different teams will be able to capture each others units... just an idea.

Rhi'anon Revisited (Beta2)

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