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These are the most useful tutorials I can find:
there are some others I am processing here

Phish's M3 Tutorial          HTML page          The most useful Myth 3 mapmaking tutorial to date, I swear by this, and it is great for beginners.
Malek's TutorialHTML page This is Malek's new mapmaking tutorial, following on from Phish, and aimed at mapmakers of all abilities
Khrome's TutorialHTML page This is Khrome's unit creation tutorial, it contains a step-by-step guide of how to creat units for myth3 from scratch, using 3D Studio max
TED's Tree TutorialHTML page This tutorial decribes in detail how to create a tree using max, it is designed for beginners
Personal DecalsHTML page How to make personal decals for Myth 3, made by Strike
Fear Manual814K This is the official Bungie Fear (Tags Editor for M2) Manual.
Loathing Manual804K This is the official Bungie Loathing (Map Editor for M2) Manual.
MAX2SKL Reference Guidetext doc 3D Studio MAX plug-in (3.x or 4.0) that will export to the TIKI skl file (which is a plaintext file and can be edited by hand).
TIKI Model Systemtext doc TIKI Model System, General information about how to edit using this format
Scripting With Loathing HTML page Ares' scripting page: From begginer to expert on scripting in M2
Creating Textures HTML page How best to create new textures for M3/2, by soma
Hex editing HTML page Introduction to the world of hex
Model Creation HTML page Inverse Kinematics tutorial for 3D Studio MAX

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