Llancarfan Street Brawl
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Released April 2002

This map will test your myth strengths in a new and more challenging way than any other before it. Battle indside of a town, with very little room to move, and very little time to do it in. The buildings make excelent places to sneak round, and moving your troops around the streets will need some good camera skills. For players with nerves of steel, try the map with with no overhead, and fear for your life at every turn.
There are 5 different meshes to chose from, each different from the other, but they still follow some of the same rules.

On All Meshes:
Set the difficulty to weak to have a normal game, mighty games have the addition of peasants runing around in the way, and in legendary, there are also sachel charges and mandrake roots all over the map. You will also be able to use some better units if you set the difficulty to legendary.
You may notice that the peasants you start with have names of people from within the myth community, this is true for peasant fighter, torch bearers and crippled peasants. I have put the names of as many people who have tested the map as possible. I have probably missed a few though.
There are all the game modes available to play on this map, including stampede and hunting. When playing stampede you will start with a "King Cripple" and may chose how many crippled peasants to have along side him. The object is always to get them to the centre of the map, but they move very slowly, and to keep them alive can be tricky. For hunting, the targets become all the neutral peasants, you can however still play this game in weak.

Llancarfan Street Brawl: [4 team]
Standard light units of archers, warriors and dwarves, as well as thrall and wights. Assasin targets are the spider cultists, and you get warlocks in legendary mode.

Llancarfan Street Raid: [4 team]
This is a map which happens a night, which means most of the lighing comes from peasant torches, and from fixed lights. This will make it hard to see the enemy, unless there are peasants near. The units are based around myrkridian hordes, and therefore this mesh is one of the first places you can controll every type of myrkridia at the same time. The assasin targets are heron gaurd heros, and you get a myrkridian giant in legendary mode, but he can't fit down a lot of the alleys.

Llancarfan Street Party: [8 team]
This is an explosive mesh, I have used the kamikazi dwarf from fracture, added some dwarves, Warlocks, Flaming souless, Herons, and Beserks. This map also takes place at night, so it is especially easy to get a kamikaze dwarf amongst the enemy! The assasin targets are 2 Connachts, and you get Dwarven Smiths in legendary mode.

Llancarfan Street Elite: [8 team]
This map which is designed for 8 seperate players to battle on. The mesh features a select amount of units, small enough for 1 person to handle, but big enough to make for some interestingly tactical play. Hero Herons, Beserks, Dwarfs, and Hearth Gaurdsmen are main units, you can also have warlocks on legendary, and Connacht serves as the assasin target.

Llancarfan Street Duel: [2 team]
This map is designed for many players to be on each team, it features a very similar unit selection to Brawl, but a lot more of them. This will allow for many different little skirmishes to occur throughout the map, and mean that the most organised team will be the winners. Spider cultists are the assasin target, and play on legendary to include warlocks.

Many Thanks to Phish for the tutorial
Thanks to Vista for the flaming souless
Thanks to Hpaco and the Dawg Pound for the Myrkridian Giant
Thanks to Electrofryer For the Kamikaze Dwarf
Thanks to all other testers and contributers

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